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If you are an owner or co-owner of rental property in the UK but your main residence is outside the United Kingdom, you need to ensure you comply with the Non-Resident Landlords (NRL) scheme, in regards to how you pay your tax on the rental income.

The NRL scheme requires letting agents to deduct the basic 20% rate tax from any rental income they receive for their non-resident landlords. This can be offset against your overall own tax bill when you, or your accountant, complete you tax return. Roebucks have an obligation to make these payments to HMRC on a quarterly basis and complete an annual return.

Alternatively a Non-Resident Landlord can apply directly to the Inland Revenue for permission so their letting agent does not deduct tax on rental income by completing an NRL1 form. 

A Non-Resident Landlord is a an individual who receives United Kingdom rental income and their main residence is outside of the UK. Individuals who travel outside of the United Kingdom on a temporary base are not classed as Non-Residential Landlords. The time period relating to this is usually under six months.

If a property is jointly owned each owner must complete their own NRL1 application form and submit to HMRC.

Roebucks manage properties for overseas landlords from Canada to Australia, giving them confidence in their investments. If you are looking to move overseas, or if you are overseas, we would be delighted to assist you.

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